Our Values

Openness and Transparency

We are committed to creating and supporting open, transparent, inclusive, and democratic processes for our city and the Democratic Party, including Open Wards and a transparent and accountable Democratic City Committee.


Election Integrity

We advocate for policies and processes to ensure fair, secure, and well-administered elections in Philadelphia that produce equitable outcomes. As we strive for a democracy that works for and represents all people, we support efforts to protect voting rights and expand access to the ballot.


Grassroots Engagement

We build community, inform and educate our neighbors, and encourage involvement in politics and other forms of civic engagement. We welcome all progressive Democrats in wards 5, 18, 25, and 31 to get involved with RAD.


Advocacy and Accountability for Progressive Causes

We support candidates and policies that further progressive causes, including quality public education, housing security and affordable housing, climate justice, civil rights, quality and affordable health care, poverty alleviation, and criminal justice reform. We hold elected officials accountable to their promises and the needs of their constituents.


Racial Justice and Equity

We support candidates and policies that address systemic and structural racism and attendant injustices. We advocate for equity and inclusion for all people across identities and differences (including age, race, ethnicity, (dis)ability, gender, sexual orientation, neuro(a)typicality, socioeconomic status, religion, and national origin). 


Collaboration and Partnership

We believe that collaboration is key to the success of our movement, and we actively seek out opportunities to partner and collaborate with other progressive groups and Democratic ward organizations.